If you are sending a package worth more than $250, you must prepare to write down</strong >.

World Export Rate

Moving forward together to a world gateway in exports

 On January 15, 2023, the Israel customs authorities will launch the "Global Export Gateway" system in front of all shippers from the country to abroad.

The launch of the system requires assessments by all parties.

Global export gateway – why it is worthwhile

A faster export procedure, through a technological solution tailored to Israel Post customers

Sending messages electronically paperless

Delivery of advance information will travel for quick clearance from customs in the destination country

In the first step, you must fill out a letter of authorization (power of attorney) for the shipping company with which we intend to make the shipment</strong >

Fedex Details: Fedex Express Israel International, vat 515929552

UPS Details: UPS Ltd, vat 511919896

Israel Post Details: Israel Post Ltd, vat 513467191

DHL Details: DHL Express, vat 510569379


Note: The registration procedure is one-time and free, ShippingToGo can do the registration for you at a one-time cost of $29 </strong/> Do It For Me</u ></span >

Go to the Tax Authority website and fill out the online form

For business delivery (make sure you have a smart card):

https://forms.gov.il/globaldata/getsequence/getHtmlForm.aspx?formType=SOlo01_hasava%40taxes.gov.il</u ></a >

I Dont Have Smart Card +

If you do not have a smart card, ShippingTogo can make a power of attorney for you, this process is one-time and costs $29. Click here for us to do the application for you .

For private delivery:

https://login.gov.il/nidp/idff/sso?id=usernamePasswordSMSOtp&sid=0&option=credential&sid=0&target=https%3A%2F%2Faccount.gov.il%2FLAGBroker%3F%2522https%3A%2F%2Fsso.forms.gov.il%2FglobalData%2FGetSequence%2FgetHtmlForm.aspx%3Fformtype%3Dsolo01_sso%2540taxes.gov.il%2522</a >

Filling out this form gives ShippingToGo the opportunity to act on behalf of the customers in front of the customs authorities. The process will be carried out online, simply and conveniently on the Tax Authority's website.

At the end of the operation, please return to </strong >ShippingToGo</a > website to complete the order.

It is important!!

We will not be able to act to release the export shipments without this approval. It is recommended to go ahead and fill it today!</strong >

For more information and details, you are invited to contact by email: [email protected]</a >

Moving forward together to a world gateway in exports


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