At ShippingToGo we believe it is crucial to keep your options open and courier prices low. That’s why we provide a courier comparison service that gives you access to the UK's largest selection of couriers. This makes it easy to find a low- cost courier service quote that meets both your needs and your budget.

ShippingToGo recommends couriers that are trusted. They work with several local couriers who operate solely in certain areas of the UK, ensuring courier delivery services with local logistical knowledge. DHL is one of the world's most well-known and trusted brands. It aspires to be the world's logistics corporation, with operations in over 220 countries.

Do I Always Need a Commercial Invoice?

The key distinction is that all e-commerce shipments need a commercial invoice, while only packages sent through postal services need the additional CN22 or CN23 paper. To avoid delays, we suggest that you always provide all documents.

DHL employs approximately 350,000 people and provides a variety of delivery services to companies that need to ship packages around the world. A DHL driver collects parcels from your home or office address and transports them fully tracked to your recipient. Because ShippingToGo works with DHL very often, we offer low shipping prices with them, which we pass on to our consumers. To get cheaper costs, you don't need to have an account with DHL or send them a big quantity of packages.

Legal Requirements

Guidance on Completing your Commercial Invoice Accurately

We've outlined everything you need to know, including what to include and why, to help you avoid any possible problems and fill out these forms correctly, ensuring your deliveries arrive on time.

When you use a DHL courier service, you can rest assured that your package will arrive safely at its destination. DHL couriers provide a high-quality delivery service, and the corporation is continually trying to expand its network and maintain its position as the leading parcel delivery firm. DHL delivers parcels safely all around the world, ensuring a secure service you can rely on.

The amount of time it takes DHL to deliver your package is determined by the service you choose. Your parcel will be collected and delivered the next working day if you order DHL Parcel UK Next Day. You'll need to order one of DHL's timed delivery options, such as Next Day Before 10.30 am or Next Day Before 9 am if you need anything delivered by a specific time. These timed services are more expensive, but they are appropriate for urgent or time-sensitive situations.

Put the dimensions and weight of your goods into our courier quote tool to get an accurate price, and ShippingToGo will offer you the best rates possible.

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