Let your delivery be easy and safe by our company! We work with the most trusted couriers in the industry such as UPS, Parcelforce and Hermes and luckily, we’ve arranged the cheapest package delivery from the UK to France, so you can focus on more important activities. Your cheap package delivery to France would be secure in the hands of a completely tracked service from the moment you drop off your parcel or get it collected.

In order to see how much a package can cost you need to complete the quote and enter the information that is needed. Look over the quotes and pick an offer you want at a price you’re comfortable with.

There are two main delivery types when you are about to order something. The first one is categorized as a regular package, meaning cheap and safe and the other one is classified under the name “Express” meaning faster and more expensive.

While France is one of the world’s most welcoming and liberal countries, its laws have clearly defined what media can and cannot be imported such as:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Compact discs, computer software, watches and clocks, diskettes, phones/modems
  • Jewelry, leather goods
  • Hemp Cannabis and all psychotropic goods

Taxes and duties are not charged on items imported from the United Kingdom or any other EU nation. If you’re sending a gift from outside the EU, though, you’ll have to pay some duties and taxes if your package is worth more than 45 euros.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry if your package is big or weighs more than a few hundred kilograms, we’ll package it properly before sending it to France.

Our company is dedicated to making your deliveries as fast as possible heading to France! Think properly and choose ShippingToGo!


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