Online shopping has been trending more than ever with the presence of ideal shipping companies who help online sellers serve their clients in the best way.

The improved shipping methods and services have brought a great change in the outlook of shopping online.

Every customer wishes to receive the parcel as soon as they order online.

However options for shipping companies are multiple, you can find shipping companies that are selling worldwide at a feasible rate and fastest speed.

Some shipping companies offer international as well as domestic shipping while some may not.

Every shipping company differs in the speed, service, and charges they offer for customers.

How do you find the fastest international shipping company ?

Before choosing the fastest international shipping company, you might ask a couple of questions like:

  • How much does the shipping company charge for the parcel? Compare the cost among leading shipping companies.
  • How do they handle parcels?
  • Do they charge a payment for weekend delivery?.
  • How do they handle dangerous materials shipping?
  • Which are the chief reliable shipping firms?
  • Does the Shipping company offering international shipping offer domestic delivery too?

You need to research well before you choose the most suited company for you.

Here are some factors that you should consider when deciding on the companies to entrust your global Ecommerce shipments

Fastest International Shipping Companies

For faster courier services, working with an international shipping company that can handle sensitive deliveries through overnight courier service or expedited air freight can be a offered when handling challenging situations.

For slow deliveries, collaborating with international courier companies that offer reliable ocean or LTL shipping will do the magic.

Keep in mind that collaborating with the fastest international shipping company comes with exxtra shipping rates, while the cheapest international courier service may have lower rates, and slower speeds as well.

Shipping Restrictions:

Shipping restrictions take multiple forms.

You will want to count dangerous content handling, as not all setup will work with products considered as dangerous.

Additionally, here are size and weight limit restrictions. You need to be familiar with weight and size limits for shipping company you are considering to work with.

Weekend Delivery:

Sometimes your purchaser's delivery dates coincides with weekends, and if and International parcel doesnt deliver on weekends, they will have to stop for more two additional days.

It helps to know whether the carrier whose facilities you are considering deliver on saturdays.


What will happen next if your parcel get damaged or lost in transit. International shipping is all risk, much more than domestinc shipment.

Making insurance coverage is an important step. Reliable shipping companies offer insurance coverage, but, if not its wise to take out your own policy.


International shipping requires longer than domestic deliveries.

The long wait can turn out into exhusatuon to your clients when they can't see what is happening in thier precious content in transit.

This makes parcel tracking capabilities a critical factour to consider when choosing the best international shipping services.

Shipping Rates:

Searching for cheap option to send package overseas can be refreshing for your bottom line.

You need to acknowledge and compare different types of discount and rates offered by various international shipping couriers.

Ensure to strike a balance between shipping rates and rest of the factors as the cheapest options may not have same customer service or speed as the expensive one.

If you are managing a big retail firm, you might want to access larger areas with the fastest delivery, for improving your business reach.

And this can be accomplished by seeking the facility of the fastest international shipping service that will assist you to spread your company to international locations.

Fastest International Shipping Companies


DHL is one of the top most reliable international shipping company in the world.

If you are searching for domestic courier services, DHL is not the right choice. If you are into international shipping, the DHL is a reliable one.

They provide real-time management with excellent tracking information to make sure your parcels are fast and safe.

The fastest delivery speed mark DHL a perfect option for International shipping worldwide.

There are multiple services offered by DHL like worldwide parcel express, Worldwide Document Express, etc.

Importantly DHL also supports managing the shipping for dangerous content, specifically meant for the medical industry and other chemical-based companies.

DHL is also prominent in "next-day" delivery across international locations, which mark it reliable for any company, who is client-oriented and looks for speedy delivery options to keep the clients happier.


FedEx is a pioneering and famous international company. It is an expert in handling, fragile content while shipping to international locations.

It is also essential to note that, they are capable to ship temperature-sensitive as well as perishable content with their climate-controlled courier service internationally.

The prices are affordable and also worth the finance invested. It also makes sure of, two-delivery and overnight timelines for all customers.

Efficient packaging and priority delivery are offered for clients associated with FedEx.

Also, FedEx is a reliable choice when you assume integrating international locations and US domestic locations services.

Multiple services include FedEx Priority, FedEx home delivery, FedEx smart post, and FedEx Ground deliveries are available.

UPS is the fastest in-house international shipping company. Even though they have facilities across multiple locations.

UPS is the best reliable option if you are planning to transport hazardous items as well as domesticated animals.

Through they are low guarded in shipping perishable goods as they don't offer temperature-sensitive items to be shipped.

UPS offers fast delivery with 5 days of receiving the parcel at the UPS center.

For ultimately receiving the content on a priority basis, they also have next day as well as overnight delivery options at a high cost.

UPS also is reliable in offering packages via ocean and air frights. You also like the rest of the fastest International shipping services, track the parcels during transit.


USPS knew as the US postal service founded from the very beginning as a simple postal facility across the US to send and receive posts.

Now, USPS has come across drastic developments in terms of courier services and has marked a brand recognizable.

USPS has numerable flat-rate boxes to suit the quest of any kind of company from mini to major, making courier service easy for everyone and reliable.

The free packaging is the best in USPS that attracts half of the public to take up the service. Hence for shipping small to heavy items, USPS is a reliable choice at a feasible rate with the fastest delivery.

It also ships on Saturday and even to remote locations. If you think about heavy items, USPS is not ideal. Moreover, the transfer time is long compared to other courier companies.

Australia Post

Australia Post is fancy but the most suitable eCommerce delivery option when considered.

Prepaid-satchels are the most professional ones, in Australia post, which transferred at no additional charge to remote and regional areas.

AusPost also has excellent eParcel services that streamline the courier services more professionally. With eParcel, it is reliable to track and manage consignments with balanced barcodes and a tracking system.

Canada Post

Originally called Royal Mail Canada, It is one of the oldest and topmost shipping companies in Canada.

Canada post is one of the safe eCommerce International shipping companies that provide exceptional delivery for eCommerce content across Canada.

The rates are affordable and also provide a convenient delivery plan to meet the needs of the retail firms. From documents, letters to large items are easy to transfer using Canada Post.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail is present in the United Kingdom. It is one of the reliable ones in there. Royal Mail provides the fastest international shipping with a span of 2-3 business days.

Royal Mail also has mail delivery schedules to meet the business's needs across locations in the UK with 100 present successful deliveries.

Internationally, Royal Mail has changed plans for everyone like the international Standard, International-Economy, International Tracked, and International Signed.

DB Schenker

It is based in Germany, it is one of the International shipping companies reliable for offering services across 2000+ locations.

Their shipping services and parcel are offered through the land, air, and even ocean.

They offer access to 720 branches in Europe with the fastest international shipping deliveries. Also with set transfer time, ensuring packages are arriving right on time with reliable tracking.

Economy packaging is a small option for all small to big eCommerce companies.

To cunclude:

The above mentioned are some of the fastest international shipping companies who offer reliable services to make sure that parcels are delivered right on time.

If you are looking for collaborating with a shipping company to boost your business, you will find multiple options. These courier companies will make your delivery hassle free-manner.

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