How to Package Fragile Items for Shipping

Proper packaging involves much more than just using wrapping paper. While festive gift wrapping may look great under a Christmas tree, it's not suited for the rigors of shipping. Always opt for a sturdy box and take the time to securely package your items before sending them off.

You might be surprised by the number of hands and machines that will handle your packages as they travel through cities, states, or even across regions. Despite the care taken by handlers, it's crucial to pack your items carefully.

Packaging Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not use household tape or string to seal your packages. Instead, use strong parcel tape to ensure your contents remain securely inside.
  • Avoid using old or damaged boxes. Opt for new, double-walled boxes that are more durable.
  • Ensure your chosen packaging can support the weight of your items. Most boxes will indicate the maximum weight they can safely hold.

Best Practices for Packaging

  • Use a brand-new, double-walled box for packing your items.
  • Clearly write the collection and delivery addresses on your parcel using a permanent marker.
  • Remove any previous labels or old addresses from the box.
  • Remember that all e-commerce shipments require a commercial invoice, while only those sent through postal services might need additional documents like CN22 or CN23 forms. We recommend including all necessary documentation to avoid any shipping delays.

Investing in Quality Packaging

When shipping internationally, focus on two key aspects: security and presentation.

  • Security: At ShippingToGo, we consider the distance your package will travel and the varying conditions it may encounter. This is why we emphasize using packaging that will protect your items through all stages of their journey.
  • Presentation: The quality of your packaging is also critical as it is the first thing the recipient will see and reflects on our brand and your attention to detail.

Shipping Large and Heavy Items with ShippingToGo

Shipping large and heavy items, especially internationally, can be expensive. However, by using ShippingToGo, you can access competitive rates for shipping heavy packages worldwide. Use our shipping calculator to find the most cost-effective international shipping options.

If you're new to international shipping, the prospect of navigating customs might seem daunting. ShippingToGo simplifies this process by providing the necessary paperwork during the booking stage. All you need to do is provide accurate information about your package’s value and contents, print the documents, and fill them out. This proactive approach ensures your large shipments are delivered efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

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